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Animal Control & Proofing

Animal Control for Skunks and More

Complete Pest Control has 40 years of experience in dealing with nuisance pests such as skunks, possums and raccoons. Our business is based on honesty, integrity and reliability, so you can count on us to solve all your wildlife problems.

Pest Elimination

Animal Removal is best performed by an animal control specialist. .Complete Pest Control will come up with a strategic plan to remove animals efficiently and effectively.

Our 3 step animal proofing process

  • 1.Removal/flushing
  • 2.Sealing the structure
  • 3.Clean up

Removing Raccoons

In addition to the usual places (attics, porches and sheds), raccoons also live in chimneys. They tear holes in roofs to get into an attic, then tear out insulation to make a nest. Most people fear them because they are known to carry rabies, ringworm, as well as canine distemper, and can be a danger to pets and children. To get rid of a raccoon, contact Complete Pest Control.

Skunk Removal

Skunks often nest under porches or burrow under sides of homes. Skunks can get into homes or businesses through relatively small holes, and once inside can create nests or do cinsiderable damage. Do you have a skunk in your yard? Is there a skunk under your house? Call Complete Pest Control, your skunk removal specialist.

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