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Rodent Proofing


Pest Control

The rat, mouse and squirrel are among the most common pests affecting urban areas. Complete Pest Control is a company specializing in a variety rodent solutions.

Our Three-Step Proofing


​Step 1: Eradicating the Structure

Eradication is defined as the elimination of the current population through controlled baiting or trapping procedures implemented on a per-structure inspection, as all homes and buildings are different and are treated as such.

This piece of the process is crucial so that imprisonment does not occur by prematurely sealing the entry and exit points.

Step 2: Rodent Proofing

Rodent proofing is the exclusion of all rodents from homes, offices or commercial buildings by sealing entrance and exit points. This prevents them from gaining access into harborage areas (including attics, crawl spaces, drop ceilings, warehouses, & inventory, etc.) and damaging electrical, insulation and heating systems, resulting in additional costs to the customer. All proofing are executed with our three-step proofing process. Next, deodorizing is done in harborage areas (attics, crawlspaces, basements, drop ceilings, etc.) to eliminate the pheromone in the rodent's urine and droppings. This pheromone acts as an attractant to the structure and will draw those outside to the inside, as mice, rats and squirrels instinctively know by the accumulation of urine and droppings that these are safe harborage or nesting areas. The deodorizing product itself is non-toxic, biodegradable, odorless and organic.

Step 3: Clean Up

Clean Up is the removal of all rodent and animal dropping from attics and crawl spaces. Clean up also involvles the removal of all insulation types damaged due to rodent and animal nesting. Next a thorough sanitizing is performed on all effected areas. Lastly, all damaged insulation removed will be replaced completing the clean up process.

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